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Halloween Recipe: Pumpkin Cream with Cod

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Primer Plato


1 kg of pumpkin

1 bag of 400 gr of select cod

2 tablespoons of rice

Leeks (to taste, about 2)

Olive oil

2 liters of water

Salt and parsley


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We prepare the pumpkin and leeks. We must cut them into small portions and poach them in olive oil.

When they are ready we add rice and water (by eye) to achieve cooking.

Let the cod cream cook for 20 minutes while we prepare the cod. Add water and salt when necessary.

Cut the cod, once done to your liking, into rather large cubes so that it takes on the flavor of the cream.

Add the cod and parsley when serving.

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The night of the living dead is coming and, yes, for this recipe you have to be very alive since we will take advantage of the Halloween purchase to prepare a scary Halloween.

If you are not used to preparing pumpkins for Halloween, you better buy more than you need. If you later have leftovers, you can prepare a pumpkin cream with cod that will make this day a round party.

The mild flavors

Both leek, cod or pumpkin are foods that are characterized by having a very mild flavor. That is why you can include some spicy detail or some spice that makes the dish something special. Surprising on Halloween is almost an obligation. Be creative and find a way to do it and match the recipe well.

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The day at home

Although the tradition in which Halloween is celebrated has little to do with the Spanish or Latin American, this is already beginning to be a universal festival. Also, any excuse is good to spend a day with your children.

Spending the day in the kitchen preparing decorations and food for Halloween can be a great way to have fun while getting the little ones involved in cooking and crafts. Both very practical skills for your life.

Be that as it may, we wish you to enjoy the recipe with Mariscos Apolo products and enjoy your Halloween no matter what.